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Founded in 2002, we are an international logistics and aviation consulting firm based in the City of Buenos Aires. ARTELCOM provides extensive support for the Argentine defense platforms including airplanes, helicopters and their engines.

Since the very beginning, ARTELCOM has built its reputation as a source of “Total Solutions” for the logistics of aftermarket, accessories and supply chain management for military systems, aircraft and helicopters. Over time, OEM equipment for outdated systems as well as hardware itself fade away, thus sometimes hindering their proper operation. In the last decades, we have developed a full range of capabilities that addresses this shortfall in supply chain.

Today ARTELCOM is recognized in the national defense industry as a leader in “Integrated Solutions” for a diverse portfolio of services including: supply of spare parts, contract manufacturing, repair / revision management, project management, representation and consultancy, and strategic distribution. Over time, we have created a network of authorized distributors and OEM repair / manufacturer combined with years of experience in the industry and strategic partnerships with recognized leading companies. This combination offers the benefit of having a single point of contact when it comes to satisfy all your needs. From the simple provision of a replacement part to complex project management, and total system upgrade, ARTELCOM offers its customers the opportunity to meet critical deadlines and a centralized, cost-effective solution for those who are fixed.

Committing ourselves to look beyond immediate solutions has been a priority for us from the very beginning. We are proud of our experience as a full service provider and the reputation that this has earned us as an industry leader in defense logistics supporting our customers in their day-to-day needs.


Repair parts management

This is a key ARTELCOM’s service, developed to reduce the cost of logistics to our customers. Through our repair parts management service, we maintain thousands of avionics instruments, engines and components backed by our repair network of authorized facilities.

Provision of aeronautical parts

ARTELCOM is one of the main resources of parts and components for military platforms. Our assets include an extensive database that works with a sophisticated global network of suppliers, distributors and manufacturers.

Project management

ARTELCOM has earned a reputation in the defense community as a provider of solutions for a wide range of systems integration technologies / renovation / repair / management / review. In collaboration with the customer, we plan, organize and manage our resources to ensure a project plan regardless the inevitable limitations.


ARTELCOM is recognized for its expertise and skills to advise their clients and help them make the best management to generate optimal results in the aeronautics and defense field. Three decades of experience are behind us.



ARTELCOM offers a unique opportunity to fully support the requirements of the Argentinian Armed Forces as far as aircrafts are concerned, providing direct OEM support for the current maintenance and / or updating their systems.


ARTELCOM offers a unique opportunity to fully support the requirements of the Argentinian Armed Forces as far as aircrafts are concerned, providing direct OEM support for the current maintenance and / or updating their systems.


We provide the market with a wide range of metal detectors (mine detectors), detectors for IEDs and for iron (bomb detectors, UXOs) used in humanitarian and military services.


We support engine components, weapon systems, radars and sonar for ships as well as torpedoes and electronics for submarines. We also have a complete range of beacons and flares systems.

They trust ARTELCOM

Major companies and institutions in the country rely on us.

We Represent

Our experience has led us become representatives of more than twenty internationally renowned companies, thus achieving providing counseling service, sales and after sales direct service from manufacturers.

Blue Aerospace
We work with

Three decades of market presence have led us to share our efforts with a number of companies we work with.


We believe in customer support from a global point of view. That’s why we contribute in supporting social, cultural, and sports initiatives.


    7 chapters in high definition, through which various themes that evoke important events in the air activity of our country are developed. Among them there are the aviation precursors, in its chapter “Pioneers”; FAA activities in the field of national airspace, as well as its work in Antarctica and peacekeeping missions; their participation in the South Atlantic Conflict; Argentina’s aerospace industry and Military Aircraft’s Factory.


We make sure to prepare the necessary information required for the approval of relevant aeronautical authorities, also providing with the complete set of data and helping in the whole process of approval.

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Address: Boedo Av. 212, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Phone Numbers: (+54 11) 4864-4182, (+54 11) 4862-7982


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When our customers choose to update and modify their existing inventories rather than investing in new systems, they face with supply chain deficits inherent to these platforms.

Contact us. We are looking forward to meeting your requirements and providing you with all the advise your projects need.